FOR-tech gives you access to know-how transfer and solid business expertise – almost at the touch of a button
FOR-tech gives you access to know-how transfer and solid business expertise – almost at the touch of a button


Mr. Klaus Conzelmann
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  • Know-how transfer and innovative strength
  • Shorter development cycles
  • Lower development costs
  • Alleviates own resources

Our development support – exemplary in numerous sectors  

With FOR-tech we shorten development times, make things easier on-site with resident engineers, and use intelligent concepts to reduce production and manufacturing costs. This naturally includes all logistics-related issues and all the relevant interfaces along the way. In short: together with our customers, we create technical solutions that are practice-based, and that enrich life in numerous areas of application.

Tangible benefits 

How can FOR-tech help you? Check out the examples provided. Naturally, when it comes to customizing your applications, we give you all our support and commitment in other sectors of industry too!


Electric and hybrid drives are posing new challenges for vehicle manufacturers. We are happy to contribute our expertise in order to be a welcome partner in this paradigm shift.

Cabling systems 

However many kilometers of cable you have to install: Comprehensive know-how regarding innovative cable solutions, complex wiring harnesses and complete onboard wiring systems is all available, ready for you to access it at any time.

Precision turned parts 

Whatever your precision turned parts have to do: benefit from our many years of experience with materials and machining, including complex surface treatment methods.

SCR systems

The reduction of emissions, whether nitrogen oxide or carbon dioxide, is an important requirement in the wake of the megatrend ‘sustainability’. Wherever new legislation for diesel and gasoline engines is headed, Forschner supports you with the right developments.

Electromechanical systems 

Whatever the intended area of application for your coil: we have specialized expertise in everything related to electromechanical systems, combining metal technology, coil development, cabling and plastics technology.