E-Mobility with Forschner – multiple beneficial
E-Mobility with Forschner – multiple beneficial


Mr Matthias Mergenthaler
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  • Thermal shock testing
  • System simulations
  • Heating and cooling tests in vehicle position
  • Vibration tests
  • Test for tightness up to 200 bar
  • Test for climate and temperature resistance -70°C to 300°C (98% )
  • Test for vibration resistance
  • Current measurement up to 800 A
  • Voltage measurement up to 1000 V


The voltages and currents that occur in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are much higher than in conventionally powered models. To safely control these, suitable solutions for power distribution are needed. Thanks to their broad range of options and functions, our high-voltage distribution boxes and wiring harnesses are just as impressive in passenger cars as they are in commercial vehicles.

High-end development according to customer specifications

Depending on the vehicle type, there are all kinds of different requirements in the area of e-mobility. With passenger vehicles it’s all about limited installation space and high-volume production, while with light trucks and buses the variety of variants is often especially pronounced. And in heavy commercial vehicles, particularly high currents and voltages occur. With a broad range of experience and real flexibility, we transform the most varied customer requirements into perfectly tailored solutions.

Technical cleanliness thanks to our own clean room

To ensure the highest level of technical cleanliness, assembly of the power distribution units and high-voltage wiring harnesses takes place in our clean room. Test chambers up to 30 m³ are available. Last but not least: electric, pneumatic and hydraulic test benches and systems for digital microscopy. Simulation and validation are also implemented in-house – and that also goes for high-voltage wiring harnesses. Efficient processes, plus a strong team at three locations with currently around 50 developers in the "E-Mobility" division, create good conditions for rapid prototyping. Forschner is also well-positioned in terms of machinery – it has its own 3D printer, for instance, which makes time-consuming and costly injection molding processes unnecessary in this phase.

Safety on board

100 percent pre-assemblable, mechanically and optically codable, vibration-resistant, resistant to electricity, and fireproof. With our Power Distribution Units and high-voltage wiring harnesses, we offer solutions that guarantee a safe high-voltage connection in modern electric and hybrid vehicles, from SUVs to trucks. Compared with competing products, our e-mobility solutions feature lower thermal distortion as well as material savings at the same time. The combination of press-in and crimping technology on a PCB basis results in unrivaled quality and process reliability.

Innovative details

With our patented connection technology in the form of round wires, we enable direct connections - even diagonally. Compared to conventional power rails, customized design in 2D and 3D enables significant installation-space savings. Our Interlock pin connector sockets that we developed ourselves are a further example of how we’re advancing the mobility of the future with creative ideas.

We know ...

...what high safety requirements need to be met in the high-voltage sector.