Cabling systems
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Cabling systems

Engine cabling systems, frame cabling and door wiring harnesses for trucks, busses and special vehicles, all the way to complete on-board wiring systems. Forschner offers customized development, production, assembly and documentation from a single source. Naturally we also serve customers from other industries as reliable partners – for example, where complete wiring systems for medical appliances are concerned.

Variance requires flexibility

Whether in the automotive industry or medical technology, the steady increase in product customization places the highest demands on our work. The variety of options is constantly increasing – and the variance of cabling systems along with it. To make even minimal repetition rates economically efficient, we have made our production especially flexible. This includes intelligent details such as our modularized board design to reduce setup times, and also our vertical range of manufacture. That is what enables us to fulfill our customers' requirements down to the smallest detail and to effectively realize highly varied cabling systems – from the project planning phase to mass production.


We know ...

... that however diverse and varied a cabling system is, the quality always has to be high throughout.


Products and areas of use

Not only the automotive industry but further sectors such as the electrical industry or medical technology also rely on cabling systems from Forschner! 


We know...

... that cabling systems and complete on-board wiring systems have to function reliably in the long term.

Sample successes

Our cabling systems carry on operating reliably for years and years: whether as engine cabling systems for special vehicles or commercial vehicles, or as systems for doors, heating and seats. Here, we are in a position to produce the highest volumes. We also have excellent references for everything related to complete onboard wiring systems with high failsafe performance and an overall length of up to 20 meters. This enabled us, for instance, to equip all the Unimog series from 1991 onward – and also city busses and coaches made by the world's leading manufacturers.

Complete cabling for EvoBus

  • Vehicle-specific wiring harness variants, ca. 200 individual modules, freely combinable in accordance with vehicle equipment configurations
  • One wiring harness per laying area, consisting of cables for series, special models and customers' special requirements
  • Up to 2,500 individual wires per vehicle, partly over 20 m in length
  • Produced and delivered just-in-time / just-in-sequence

Development of cabling systems

The development of cabling systems and vehicle-specific wiring harness variants place high requirements on engineers. In addition to the structural parameters of the application, complex technical data also has to flow into construction. 

Single-core standard cables, multi-core special cables for data transfer via car-phone or iPod, innovative coaxial and flat lines, all kinds of shields, geometries, core and sheath materials: the properties of cables are just as varied as their target applications. Forschner is thoroughly familiar with all their idiosyncrasies, and can rely on a great wealth of experience.


Komax fully automatic machines, Ultrasonic welding plants for connections, Harness braiders, Fully automatic bandaging machine

Unique consulting expertise

Which wiring harness architecture matches your planned logistics concept in series production? Which types of modularization and segmentation will guarantee you maximum cost efficiency across the entire value chain? What is the optimal design for your on-board wiring systems, taking all environmental conditions into consideration? As a specialist for everything related to cabling systems in commercial vehicles, busses and electric subassemblies, we know that the best solution is always based on individual responses. We create tailored concepts – which are economically efficient in the long run. We realize method development, construction and prototyping hand in hand. All cable harnesses are laid and simulated in 2D and 3D. Ahead of assembly and production, this is how we guarantee that all parameters are perfect before series startup.



  • Method development
  • Definition of electrical mounting locations
  • Circuit diagram generation and modularization in LDorado GOL
  • wiring harness construction in DMU (CATIA V5)
  • wiring harness documentation in LDorado Design
  • Prototype construction with assembly boards from LDorado Layout
  • series start-up and change management
  • KSW documentation
  • Transfer to series production


We know...

... how we can assume complete responsibility even for complex projects by means of structured processes and innovations.


From cable to complete wiring harness

Countless cables are combined into functional subassemblies, and in integrated Overall processes for low, medium and high volume production. With numerous intelligent details, we create efficient production processes. Exemplary here: our networked cable harness assembly with optimized cut sequences, or the modularized breadboard assembly to reduce downtimes. Consistent subdivision into module preassembly and final assembly guarantees effective workflow, as does our high vertical range of manufacture, thanks to which unnecessary interfaces are avoided. Crimping, marking of housings, welding of connectors, shrinking, molding – we do all of it in-house! This also includes state-of-the-art cable harness testing with numerous options, e.g. PIN straightness or secondary locking, as well as packaging with the customer's performance specifications and accurate logistics. 

We know ...

... how to use efficient work sequences and powerful machines to enable a smooth production flow.

Cabling systems - your benefits with Forschner

Cabling systems and on-board wiring systems from Forschner have a lot to offer


We know ...

... how we can turn a single-source offer – ranging from method development to ultra-precise logistics – into an all-round service package in the cabling systems sector!

Unrivaled flexibility

Last-minute changes to the product? A quick prototype? We support you with all our commitment and now and then we even make the seemingly impossible possible. Since Forschner specializes in low repetition rates, even maximum variance where wiring harnesses are concerned is no problem. 

High degree of innovation through cooperation with leading carmakers

The use of aluminum conductors, reinforced conductors with especially small cross-sections, PCB-based switch panels via press-in technology: today we're already utilizing the technical standards of tomorrow. High-voltage distribution systems for hybrid vehicles are a further topic here, underlining our expertise in the sustainable technologies sector. 

Just-in-time deliveries thanks to intelligent production and logistics concepts

Short transportation times, high security of supply, minimal logistics expense and no warehousing costs at the customer – all of it thanks to precise coordination of production and logistics. We offer the latest data management and a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Forschner secures its proximity to important markets by means of several international sites.

High vertical range of manufacture, advanced crimping technologies, state-of-the-art design and simulation tool

A broad machine park and the necessary personnel capacities enable us to realize all our development and production in-house – from smaller cabling systems to complete on-board wiring systems. Technologically, we play a pioneering role in this regard. Not least of all because we never shy away from continuously high investments in the best systems, plant and machinery.

Experience and expertise in low, medium and high-volume production

Since the early 1990s we have successfully accompanied and served numerous customers, the majority of them from the automotive industry. Our references speak for themselves, in low and in high production volumes. 

Economically efficient series production at the highest quality level

Highly efficient production with a high degree of automation has no adverse effect on the constantly high quality at Forschner. Each cable harness has to satisfy the highest requirements. Intensive cable harness testing ensures that our customers all over the world receive precisely what they have a right to expect from us.

We shorten and optimise development processes

Take advantage of our FOR-tech development support—we shorten development times and cut production and manufacturing costs thanks to unique proven know-how. At the same time we keep an eye on the overall process right from the start and support you on site with our resident engineers. See here to find out more.


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