Product areas and services

Forschner knows how to develop and design technology for progress and for people, how to get it ready for series production and make it available worldwide. Every product and service automatically gives you access to a unique core of expertise bundling the Forschner brand’s many decades of experience and all of its technological know-how. 


Electric vehicles pose new challenges for the automotive industry.  Forschner has the right distribution boxes and wiring harnesses.



Cabling systems

From simple cable sets to complex on-board power systems, Forschner offers tailor-made automotive and medical technology solutions.


SCR systems

Forschner’s innovative heat and fluid lines to reduce harmful emissions—for passenger cars, utility vehicles and special-purpose vehicles.


Electromechanical systems

Whether they are used in chassis, dynamos or viscous coupling units—Forschner’s electromechanical systems set benchmarks.


Development support

FOR-tech is Forschner’s systematic development support—for shorter cycles, reduced costs and custom-fit innovation.



Overall process

The whole is more than the sum of its parts – and most especially when synergies are created as a result of interdisciplinary cooperation. This is exactly the approach followed by the Forschner system concept.


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Our company is near you

The world is international – and so are we. Since the 1990s we have continually established international sites. Since then we've been able to combine our advanced know-how, "made in Germany“, with efficient series production. On the basis of Forschner's numerous presences, market proximity and also customer proximity have been considerably expanded. Find out more by clicking on the individual sites.


We know ...

... how to tap the potential of globalization for our customers in the best possible way.


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