We know.

Forschner develops and
manufactures technology

that serves progress and humanity

Man and technology in harmony

It is only solutions with a high degree of innovation and secure quality that give our customers the competitive edge. We are in close proximity to our markets. We think along with others, and develop inspiring ideas into smart products. Efficient in our structures and our processes, we invest in a focused manner and develop our products with a constant eye on markets. Committed and flexible, we are a reliable global partner for emobility, haness systems, precision turned parts and electromechanical systems. Through our Scr-systems as well as our high-voltage distribution units – and harnesses, provide tailormade support for R&D. At the same time we combine our advanced technology and service with a special, personal touch.

The importance of knowing

For us, the effort to achieve satisfactory profit margins is naturally an important motivating factor – but to be honest, it is not enough on its own. Forschner's recipe for success also includes a down-to-earth philosophy. It includes responsible treatment of all resources, of our customers, partners, all our employees and also our environment. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been a matter of course at Forschner ever since the company was founded. At the center of all our efforts, both internally and externally, is the "Forschner's core of knowledge". More information can be found below on this page.

A valuable basis

 Our company has a strong character and plenty of personality. Our daily activities are based on four key values – and we have formulated our mission in four brief guidelines. We stand by these.


We know ...

... how we can delight and surprise people using not only rational but also emotional arguments.



Forschner’s knowledge core is a compelling promise

“We know” – it is our claim that consolidates our brand essence.

We have visually summarised this promise in our FOR-Core, Forschner’s knowledge core encompassing all the experience and technological know-how of the Forschner brand. For many decades, Forschner has been a recognised partner of the automotive and other industries. With every Forschner product and service you are also purchasing our employees’ cumulated competency which always includes connected thinking and holistic knowledge – from development and prototyping to series production and international logistics.

Our company at a glance

Type of enterprise

Family-owned company

in second generation




Spaichingen, Germany

As well as another 8 works inland and abroad


Mr. Peter Decker

Mr. Dietmar Geiger

Mr. Marc Eckert

Product areas


Cabling systems

SCR systems

Elektromechanical systems

Development support


Partnership is the greatest gift

Since we were founded over 60 years ago a lot has changed. Markets and technologies. Requirements and challenges. But one important thing has remained the same: the fact that technology is inconceivable without people. It is made by people, and used by them. This is why Forschner relies on dialog and on customer-oriented developments. In that way, our products and solutions, whether in the automotive or the medical sector, can be especially effective.


We know ...

... how we can achieve value added for our customers via networked thinking and interdisciplinary cooperation. The teamwork at our corporate divisions enables know-how transfer with no interface losses, and creates powerful practical synergies.


An excellent past

Forschner was founded by Eugen Forschner in 1948 and started out with a focus on the manufacture of precision turned parts. In the 1960s, the company began with the production of electromechanical components, and this was followed about thirty years later by cabling systems and on-board wiring systems for commercial vehicles. This diversification, combined with entry into new product sectors, created the basis for sustainable growth. The 2,500 Forschner employees around the world are continuing to set themselves high standards, as proven by numerous supplier awards.


We know ...

... how our past experience can help us learn for the future.


Technologies that are highly varied

Clearly focused strategies and constantly high quality standards are in no way inconsistent with truly heterogeneous markets. Naturally, Forschner is an experienced partner to leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, and this is where its main focus lies. Other sectors use our cabling systems, precision turned parts and electromechanical systems too, however – and that's because we know what's important. And because, with advanced technology and a committed workforce, we can play our part in numerous areas of industry!


Overall process

With our business divisions, we are accustomed to constantly broadening our horizons. And our own developments for emobility applications and FOR-blue prove that we can bring good ideas into series production and retain successful overall responsibility. We are not a mere engineering office, nor a toll manufacturer – we are your partner in every respect, and assume responsibility for the entire process! Here, we have complete control of all details where development, prototyping, series production, quality assurance and logistics are concerned.


We know ...

... how we can tangibly lower stress levels through intelligent planning and process control. That's how we help to save on resources and enable our customers to concentrate one hundred percent on their core competencies.




Forschner manufactures customized solutions, not standard products. A personal discussion is essential here, of course. Our experts will happily advise you ahead of project start-up and of course during every phase until series start-up. Here we guarantee safety from the very start by means of feasibility analyses and customized design – which also includes the development of process methods. 

We know ...

... that discussions at eye level are essential – for transparency from the very start, and to get a feel for what is truly important.


Expertise passed on from person to person

Due to their complexity, emobility applications require specific technical solutions. Every vehicle, be it passenger car or HGV, is unique and is the result of detailed technical consultations. Our individual high-voltage distribution units and –harnesses are capable of meeting all your technical requirements.

We can fall back on a broad wealth of experience when it comes to cabling systems for different sectors, all the way to complete on-board wiring systems for busses, commercial vehicles and special vehicles. Our references speak for themselves. Together with you, we elaborate production and logistics concepts that go hand in hand with your processes.

With precision turned parts, the tiniest details in the processing stages can have considerable effects. This is why, as part of a constructive consulting session, we pay very special attention to customers' requirements. This enables us to guarantee that our production fulfills all requirements one hundred percent - and demand-based production concepts also result in an impressive degree of economic efficiency.

With SCR and fluid lines too, depending on the application, the most varied aspects need to be taken into consideration – for example, with regard to material selection, pressure resistance, distribution of heating power, etc., which concept best suits the intended use? With our comprehensive SCR system system expertise, we always find the right answers.

Through a combination of the most diverse disciplines such as mechanics, electronics and cabling, electromechanical systems demand comprehensive expertise on a large scale. With solid know-how and smart ideas, we advise you on the right coil design all the way to the completed subassembly.


Our lean and interlinked construction processes shorten development times. We also use state-of-the-art tools such as FEM simulation, and not only in simultaneous engineering. At our headquarters in Spaichingen we have a generously-sized Technology Center. Across an area larger than 1000 square meters, we focus all our research and development activities.


We know ...

... how we can use our broad development expertise to shorten innovation cycles and open up undreamt-of perspectives where our employees' creativity is concerned.



Pure know-how

The R&D process regarding emobility as well as harnesses systems not only plays a vital role for future output, but is also very time consuming. This is where the later functions of all electrical and electronic components are established. With experienced developers as well as state-of-the-art tools such as. LDorado, Siemens NX or CATIA V5, we use a comprehensive 2D and 3D development process chain to achieve perfect results and rapid realization times, even with the highest variance. The wiring harnesses are designed and documented in accordance with circuit diagram generation and modularization. Flawlessly close cooperation with customers, which partially involves remote work on their systems, enables instant reactions – also in change management.

Especially with complex precision turned parts made according to customers' parameters, the design of production processes is crucial. We have CNC and multi-spindle technology as well as numerous surface treatment options. This technological bandwidth enables us to draw on plentiful resources as early as the development phase. Advanced simulation and design tools are of course standard in this corporate division at Forschner too.

Every cubic centimeter of our lines contains clear innovation. One example is the patent on the electrical contact. Examples here include a variety of patents for hose construction and the bonding techniques. Lines outside nitrogen reduction are also developed. For example, aroma lines with various appealing fragrances enhance ride comfort, and heated water-injection pipes reduce the CO2 load of gasoline engines. Our own process development, thermal and mechanical simulation tools, as well as high-end software such as Siemens NX, Inventor or CATIA V5 are all used in the development of our fluid systems.

Electromechanical systems are always based on several processing steps. How can a cable be perfectly integrated into a subassembly, or a coil be perfectly molded? We provide the answer to these and many other questions with our experience, also making use of internal synergies. The installation-space optimized design and sizing of coils is one of our great strengths. Design perfectly adapted to plastic is another.


Prototypes and pilot production take place at Forschner with minimal reaction times! To avoid interface losses, this production takes place at all our German sites for all our business divisions. The spectrum ranges from design prototypes to function prototypes and technical prototypes, which largely correspond to the later end-product.


We know ...

... how to manufacture functional prototypes quickly and efficiently.




Tested in general rehearsals

Be it high-voltage distribution units or customer specific cable harnesses which always make an optimal use of existing installation space: due to our efficient processes and lean structure we are able to fulfill all your needs for prototypes for emobility much faster than our competitors.

Repetition rates of less than one item a year – with coaches, for example – enable us to prove as early as series production of cabling systems that we can combine high variance with comprehensively high quality. During the construction of prototypes in the cabling systems sector, prototype construction is sent the production data – such as cutting lists and assembly board plans – directly from development. By means of this thorough and continuous processing chain, based on our CAD/CAE development tool, we guarantee the shortest production and reaction times. Combined with maximum quality.

In the most varied and also safety-critical applications, precision turned parts make an important contribution. Appropriate prototypes are essential here, to guarantee that the later series products are well integrated and can also perform their functions over the long term – something that has to be proven via pilot production tests. During the development process of an entire subassembly, customers often require changes that have an effect on the precision component. This is where our speed and flexibility become true success factors.

Prototypes are created step by step in the Forschner SCR Systems division. State-of-the-art tools in 2D and 3D create a seamless connection between conception, development, documentation and validation, right up to series-production prototypes.

Magnetic coil technology, welding technology, cable- and plastics technology: electromechanical systems involve numerous technologies. Their optimal interplay has to be secured by means of prototyping, to keep things running smoothly in low, medium or high volume production later on.

Series production

As a specialist when it comes to medium and high volume production, we can efficiently manufacture high volumes in our corporate divisions, thanks to numerous international sites. The interaction of the production facilities makes us flexible – also for production cycles that require tight deadlines. Whether for cabling systems or electromechanical systems, Forschner's high vertical range of manufacture takes its own production to the highest level!


We know ...

... how low, medium and high-volume production can be realized without any interface losses, for the highest availability.



Efficiency in all series

Due to our extensive personnel and machining capacity, Forschner is ideally setup up to produce high voltage distribution units and harnesses in high volume and just in time. Synergies across our business units support us in our challenges.

We supply individual cabling systems each year in the six-figure range. Currently, for instance, 150,000 heating cables for auxiliary heating devices. Our potential is far higher, however, with production sites in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and Mexico. Nevertheless, in the cabling systems sector it is not production volumes alone that keep our standards so high. Rather it is the enormous variance required by some on-board wiring systems. We respond to this with flexible production that is packed with intelligent details. Networked cable harness assembly including optimized cut sequences, pre and post assembly with our own crimping machines, and modularized boards are just three of many examples here. Module preassembly also reduces the amount of work required during final assembly.

For SCR systems, we can carry out mass production reliably, even in very large quantities. Various high-performance locations, distributed internationally according to our customer markets, are equipped for this with the corresponding machines and systems. Our broad corporate base makes us flexible - regardless of whether car or truck, or for diesel or gasoline. Komax fully automatic machines and Thermoform continuous lines are just two examples of our leading production technologies for SCR systems.

Series production of electromechanical systems at Forschner is also subdivided into two sites. Short runs take place at our headquarters in Spaichingen, while medium and high volume production takes place at Uherské Hradiste. We produce the systems by ourselves in their entirety: from winding the coils, welding and TPE molding to leadframe production, crimping and testing. Dispensing as far as possible with subcontractors saves costs and reduces throughput times. Our customers benefit from our smooth processes, especially where complex coils with sensors are concerned. We also master high production volumes without a problem. Our current annual production volumes for various molded electro-coils, for instance, or electromechanical IDC contact technology, run into the six-figure range.

Quality assurance

Cabling systems and electromechanical systems have one thing in common: they are frequently used as safety-relevant components. Cable solutions and on-board wiring systems from Forschner in trucks and busses, for instance, ensure reliable connection of all the electrical components in the vehicle. Precision turned parts keep engines protected from external influences, e.g. as closure covers – and last but not least, electromechanical systems used as anchor guides in Visco couplings function as damper systems.


We know ...

... that end-products are only convincing if the quality of every single component is just right. Our high-end standards thus apply uncompromisingly to every single detail – all the way to documentation.



Uniform everywhere

Our quality assurance measures are correspondingly far-reaching. Thus we independently conduct all validation processes in the area of emobility. This includes thermoshocking, heat and ice validation, vibration test and complete system simulation. For this we have invested in a state-of-the-art clean room in our headquarters in Spaichingen, south-west Germany.

In temperatures from -40° C up to 180° C, SCR and fluid lines must always remain operational and perform their function reliably. With our intensive measures for quality assurance, we ensure that this is always the case even over long periods of use. Uniformly high standards are used internationally in our test procedures.

Where electromechanical systems are concerned, we subject not only individual systems but also complete subassemblies to precision testing. We ensure, for instance, that every detail – from magnetic coil technology to the mechanical component all the way to cables, contacts and switches – is entirely suited to tough everyday industrial conditions in the long term.


Forschner achieves transparency and absolute reliability thanks to intelligent logistics concepts. These are synchronized with production and also coordinated with regard to customer-specific requirements. Because international markets demand a global approach.


We know ...

... what measures and safeguards are necessary for "just-in-time" and "just-in-sequence".



No limits to deadline and delivery reliability

Data management and a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure are the basis of punctual deliveries – and this applies especially toarea of emobility and harnesses. In cars a number of components are integrated, which in turn are also dependent on the cabling. We coordinate turnaround times of materials and prefabricated products precisely to our customers' production, thereby reducing development times. The benefit here is high supply security, minimal logistics expense, and no warehousing costs at the customer. With several international sites, Forschner secures proximity to important markets.

With precision turned parts, too, we adapt and react to the high logistic requirements of demanding customers, primarily from the automotive industry. "Small components" in particular, which often have a major effect on the end product, must not be allowed to influence the market rollout process.

Diameters of 2 mm to 7.5 mm, but above all length variants of up to 20 meters for commercial vehicles and buses make SCR cables quite a large-volume cargo. We are very well equipped here. In addition, our smart logistics processes fit perfectly into the production processes of vehicle manufacturers and other relevant industries. It goes without saying that the sensitive cables are optimally protected during transportation.

Last but not least, our Electromechanical Systems division benefits from Forschner's broad global base. If required, customers can fall back on a proven logistics network here too, covering even peripheral aspects such as risk management and emergency planning.

Our company is prestigious

We deliver our products for e-mobility, cabling systems, SCR systems and electromechanical systems along with our FOR-tech development support to international companies that are leaders in their industries. 


We know...

 ...that each sector and each application results in specific requirements that can only be countered by individual, customized solutions.

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