"The Battery Show" in Stuttgart

"The Battery Show" in Stuttgart

This year's "Battery Show Europe Conference & Expo" took place in Stuttgart from 30 October to 2 December. A trade fair and conference on the topic of battery electric drives, starting with raw material preparation, cell production up to complete batteries and all the necessary components, such as high-voltage distribution boxes, cell contacting systems and associated measurement technology. In the past years, the event has always attracted several thousand visitors. Unfortunately, however, this year's event was also dominated by Corona and so, until shortly before the opening, several exhibitors, including some well-known ones, cancelled their participation. This is not the case with ASQtec and BU HV, however, not out of recklessness, but because with the alert level II (compulsory testing and masks) in force in Baden-Württemberg at that time, measures were taken that meant a manageable and acceptable risk.

Under the given circumstances and the associated mixed expectations, we can draw a very positive conclusion. Our existing solutions in the HV distribution sector, but also in particular the new concepts and ideas for components, did not fail to attract the visitors. Thus, more than 60 noteworthy conversations were held, about half of them with a concrete reference to the exhibits on display. These included discussions with large market companions, such as TE Connectivity, who were interested in our approx. 2m cell contact system.

Cell contacting system

Large cell contacting systems, such as those we showed at the fair, are necessary for the next generation of batteries, where modules and/or entire housings can be dispensed with. These concepts go under the terms cell to pack or chassis.  The prototype on display also has two different options for measuring data acquisition. Depending on the customer's requirements, solutions with low costs, low investments and/or high flexibility can thus be implemented even for small and medium quantities.

Pressure compensation element

Pressure compensation elements are used in battery storage enclosures or in high-voltage distribution boxes to compensate for pressure differences between the interior of the enclosure and the environment. These pressure compensation elements are essential and are used in many applications.  The concept we are exhibiting at the fair can be designed in two variants with a membrane that allows breathing or without a membrane. Other concepts are supplemented with additional sensors and actuators to determine early detection of certain conditions on and in closed enclosures.

Current measurement sensor

In the field of measurement technology, we have exhibited a current measurement sensor that was designed with the objective of low costs and low installation effort.  In addition, a solution that allows the status of contactors to be monitored during operation.

Heat conduction base

With the increasing power demand of electric buses and trucks, the current requirements in high-voltage distribution boxes are also increasing. For permanent operation, it is important to dissipate the heat generated at fuses and busbars from the system.  For this purpose, a concept was presented at the trade fair that allows the fastening of fuses and busbars and at the same time dissipates the heat generated to e.g. the enclosure through the use of heat-conductive materials.

Intelligent HV interlock

Due to the degree of electrification of buses, trucks and ships and the application-specific requirements regarding range, the systems are becoming increasingly larger and more complex. It is important to know the overall status of a system, including whether all contacts and connectors are properly connected. This can be done with the help of intelligent monitoring, which is also able to identify the faulty or defective connection point. This makes it possible to reduce service and downtime to a minimum, for example.