Mayor Götz visits Forschner at the Mahlstetten location

Conveying a real impression of the largest employer in the area and getting into a discussion: that was the aim of this invitation to Helmut Götz, the newly appointed mayor of Mahlstetten, to Forschner PTM GmbH. In April, Dr Gert Forschner, managing director of the corporate group, and Beyti Baran, managing director of Forschner PTM GmbH, welcomed the new town hall chief to the high-precision company on Griesstraße.

Pleasant introductions

In a relaxed discussion and during a tour around the company, both parties sounded out ideas and objectives. Dr Gert Forschner and PTM managing director Beyti Baran clarified the significance of the location for the globally active Forschner corporate group as a centre of competence for high precision in machining. Following the initially challenging years of the realignment of the operation taken over in 1998, Forschner PTM GmbH in Mahlstetten, with its 60 employees, was now ready to become the important revenue driver in the group and a key supplier to notable customers in the automotive industry. "From this year, we will invest several million euros in additional, state-of-the-art eight-spindle machines in order to be able, for example, to process a new large order for an important automotive customer", announced Dr Gert Forschner. Additional building projects were also planned in Mahlstetten. This strengthening of the Forschner location pleased mayor Götz. According to words of both managing directors, the fact that the Forschner subsidiary company was experiencing solid growth could be determined from the high rate of apprenticeship. For example, five apprentices have been training for careers in machining here since 2015 – another two are starting their apprenticeships in the coming September.

Common objectives for strengthening the Mahlstetten location

Admittedly, the recruitment of skilled labour and junior staff was a challenge. Accordingly, Dr Gert Forschner and Beyti Baran expressed a wish to mayor Götz to advocate for an improvement to the local public transport network in order to make the community more accessible to employees and apprentices. Götz promised to sound out appropriate possibilities at the district administration and suggested to get in touch with him in the event of noticeable demand for specific reinforcement of individual bus services.

Improved connections in terms of mobile telephony and Internet were also on the wish list for Forschner and Baran. In general, measures for increasing the attraction of Mahlstetten as a place to live and work would be helpful in attracting desperately needed specialist staff. Götz explained the already considered measures for creating new building plots, which would be a first step in attracting young families. The expansion of childcare would also contribute in this regard.

Dr Gert Forschner was under no doubt of the fact that more well-qualified staff were in demand at Forschner PTM GmbH in the medium term: "Our recently ordered, state-of-the-art machines and the opportunities associated with them for producing with high precision and speed have already aroused a great deal of interest from our customers. This is going to trigger extra growth".