The Forschner football team at the IHK Apprenticeship Day 2016


IHK Apprenticeship Day 2016

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry had a very special idea for the tenth IHK Apprenticeship Day. In fitting with this year's European Championship, the Apprenticeship Day was staged in the form of a football tournament in the Königsfeld SoccerCenter.

All interested apprentices from the area of the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry were able to prove their footballing talent on 09/06/2016. The Forschner football team entered the competition in Königsfeld with six men. After a group photo and a brief opening speech from the organisers, the opening whistle went and the fun was able to begin. 20 partly mixed teams with five to eight members were formed. Playing took place in parallel on two playing fields in two groups. One game lasted ten minutes. Around 50 games were contested up to the final. Each team received a sports goody bag with drinks vouchers, an energy bar, gummy bears, chocolate, USB sticks and the opportunity to get one's strength back at the buffet.

The tournament got really exciting towards the end, even if the Forschner football team were unfortunately unable to make it to the final. The participants had a lot of fun regardless and it made for an unforgettable social experience.