Precision turned parts
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Precision turned parts

Forschner develops and manufactures precision turned parts according to customer drawings. A broad spectrum of diameters is possible here, also including highly complex geometries. From low-volume production and medium-volume production all the way to high-volume production, every long or short turned part manufactured by Forschner reflects our joint mission – to deliver high precision. 


Accuracy becomes economically efficient

On the one hand we stand for especially precise production, with dimensional accuracy that continues to be impressive even after production volumes in the millions. On the other hand we successfully realize even the most difficult turning operations in a cost-efficient manner. This is not least of all due to our lean structures, and of course the fact that we carry out wage-intensive work at our site in the Czech Republic. As one of only a few independent and compactly structured machining companies, we have spread our production across two presences – for the benefit of our customers in the automotive industry and many other sectors.


We know ...

... how we can make the best use of all existing potential via intelligent production concepts when manufacturing precision turned parts.



We provide our discerning customers with a broad range of precision technology: from production on multi-spindle machines to CNC and chuck components, all the way to complete subassemblies that we build together in-house. 

We know ...

... how precision turned parts for the highest standards are created: thanks to continuous investments in people and machinery.

Sample successes

As pressure rods in pistons, as shafts, bearing journals or housings for infotainment systems: the applications for precision technology from Forschner are numerous and highly varied, especially in the automotive industry. They can be found in leading carmakers' passenger and commercial vehicles worldwide. Also within the company itself – the SAE plugs, for instance, used by the Forschner Cabling Systems division. Companies from numerous other sectors rely on Forschner too. The following product examples make it clear that we can also realize even complex turning operations and refinishing work for you – precisely, quickly and in an economically efficient manner. 

Anchor Guide

  • For electrical vehicle damping
  • Manufactured on multi-spindle and automatic lathe
  • Integrated welding rod
  • Bore holes and threads in a downstream process

Bearing journal

  • For chain sprocket bearings in car engines
  • Combination of various machining and surface treatment methods: turning, case hardening, grinding, laser marking
  • Assembly of the pins as a complete subassembly
  • Large quantities of ca. 300,000 parts per annum

Development | Production

Starting production the moment we've received your inquiry is something we consider to be wrong. Forschner carefully establishes all the relevant parameters and constructive consulting and experienced engineers really make the difference! 

We know ...

... how we can make the best use of all existing potential via intelligent production concepts when manufacturing precision turned parts.

Constructive consulting

By focusing intensively on the requirements where design and production technology are concerned, we can precisely tailor the production process. This guarantees uniform quality, lowers throughput times and can even save on entire processing steps. Even a significant reduction in the weight of a turned part can result from this – thanks to an intelligent decision to process via drilling rather than milling. The Forschner experts have far-reaching expertise in this regard, especially where complex precision turned parts are concerned. 

True quality

Batch sizes of one million and more each year demand uncompromising quality. Forschner is well positioned here, too, thanks to its high-quality, reliable production machinery that carries on working efficiently across large series and long periods. The company also has a state-of-the-art quality assurance system in place. From the leak testing line and 3D measuring machines to SPC testing, innovative technologies enhance the trained eyes and advanced know-how of our employees. Our site in Mahlstetten, Germany is where all our multi-spindle machines are located. The same quality standards apply regardless of location – with regard to deadlines, amounts, tolerances and surfaces. Thanks to transparent documentation, reproducibility is assured even after years. 


We know ...

... how to make the very best out of our materials.

Precision turned parts - your benefits with Forschner

Your trust in Forschner will pay dividends. In the short term, you get high-quality precision turned parts. In the long term you can rely on a partner who will help and support you in all machining-related issues.

We know ...

... how we can delight our customers over and over again.

Multi-spindle and CNC turning technology from a single source

When a precision turned part poses special requirements, we can combine the production methods in several working stages - which means there are no compromises between maximum production efficiency and complex geometries. 

Fast realization from prototyping to series startup

Every day can be decisive when it comes to accelerating series startup – so that's why we waste no time in ensuring our customers' deliveries are "just-in-time".

High flexibility thanks to two sites

Despite lean structures, we have a broad machine and personnel base. And thanks to our capacities in Mahlstetten, Germany and Otrokovice in the Czech Republic we can also react very rapidly. 

Maximum economic efficiency through cost-optimized production

Our site in Otrokovice in the Czech Republic is ideal for especially wage-intensive production. Only very few machining companies can offer you this kind of site and cost advantage combined with comprehensively high quality and precision. 

Our site in Otrokovice in the Czech Republic is ideal for especially wage-intensive production. Only very few machining companies can offer you this kind of site and cost advantage combined with comprehensively high quality and precision. 

Mastery of highly complex turning operations

Integrated welding rods? Internal threads with special coatings? We find an intelligent solution for every design challenge. In so doing, we can fall back on a wealth of experience and know-how.

State-of-the-art, powerful machine park

As recently as 2010, we successfully doubled our amount of machinery, and since 2011 our production spectrum has been further enhanced by four more longitudinal turning centers as well as two spindle double revolver machines. In short: our machine park is not only very well-equipped – it also reflects the state of the art.

Far-reaching quality assurance – including SPC testing and much more

In quality assurance at Forschner, innovative electronics represent a valuable enhancement. State-of-the-art measuring equipment, a leak testing line, 3D measuring machines and SPC testing guarantee that the defined quality standards are adhered to, even across large series. 

Broad range of surface treatments – plus control of further subcontractors in the production combine

Inductive hardening, shot blasting, numerous different grinding technologies: you can also count on us when it comes to surface treatment. If certain methods are not part of our range, we integrated proven subcontractors. As a complete systems partner, we save our customers unnecessary interfaces and deliver everything from a single source.

Solid expertise in all automotive applications

The special framework conditions and specific requirements of the automotive industry are something we are confronted with on a daily basis. Our Cabling Systems and Electromechanical Systems divisions also work for leading manufacturers of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and busses. This gives us highly advanced know-how – and naturally we also have the relevant certification and audits. 

We shorten and optimise development processes

Take advantage of our FOR-tech development support—we shorten development times and cut production and manufacturing costs thanks to unique proven know-how. At the same time we keep an eye on the overall process right from the start and support you on site with our resident engineers. See here to find out more.


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